migrainemanan evolving graphic novel
to entertain and educate migraineurs and their supporters
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I am MIGRAINEMAN and I understand your pain whether you are a migraineur or a supporter of one.

What do we know about migraines? Not so much. We know migraine is a disease, a neurological dysfunction in the brain. Pain is only one symptom. You can't control them, but they can be managed.

Migraines remind us that ultimately, we battle the wars within our bodies by ourselves and by rules only our bodies understand.

HOWEVER, migraines are opportunities for deep and lasting introspection and emotional release. The terrain of Migrainistan is rough and difficult to traverse, but full of wonders.

Follow me as I guide Maria through Migrainistan on the Migrainistan Blog.

Prgress can be seen at:
migrainistan blog

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Map of Migrainistan
I'm visiting Migrainistan
Migrainistan the Land of Unfulfillment
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